Our homestyle Ready-Meals include:

  • Soups
  • Pastas
  • Curries
  • Casseroles
  • Roasts
  • Mexican
  • Vegetarian

Our meals are prepared by our chef and made from top quality meat (roasted in-house) and fresh vegetables. Our serving sizes are generous and great value for money. We also offer delicious salads that can be teamed up with our Ready-Meals.

To order our Ready-Meals, call us on 4721 5111.

You can purchase our meals Monday-Friday from our shop at 1/409 Flinders Street, Townsville City. If you’re coming in to buy a specific meal or large quantity, please call ahead to check we have the meal(s) in stock.


Pasta Bolognaise $8.50

Beef Lasagne $10.00

Mexican Chicken Lasagne $10.00

Chicken & Bacon Pasta Tomato Dash Cream $8.50

Thai Green Chicken Curry & Rice $10.00

Vegetable Curry & Rice $10.00

Roast Chicken | Beef | Lamb w/- Veg & Gravy $10.00

Beef Mushroom, Mash & Veg $10.00

Beef Stew, Mash & Veg $10.00

Beef Stew & Rice $10.00

Guinness Stew, Mash & Veg $10.00

Mexican Chicken & Rice $10.00

Sausages & Mash w/- Tomato Onion Gravy $8.50

Rissoles & Mash w/- Tomato Onion Gravy $8.50

Savoury Mince & Rice $10.00

Soup of the Day $6.50

Garden | Caesar | Greek Salad $6.50

Reheating instructions – chilled and frozen

Our Ready-meals are fully cooked and only need to be reheated for you to fully enjoy them. The heating times below are approximate. You may need to adjust based on your oven type, and preferred eating temperature.

  • Soups – Heat soup on stove top or in microwave until hot.
  • Dinners – Microwave – remove lid and place loosely on top. Heat on high for 3-4 minutes if chilled (8-10 minutes if frozen).

Note: Our meals can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months from the date of preparation & thawed safely under refrigeration overnight.

Below are some of our Ready-Meals and salads.