We provide quality catering in Townsville and a delivery service, 7 days a week. We cater for:

  • Private/Corporate
  • Large/Small
  • Morning/Afternoon Teas
  • Lunches
  • Meetings, Seminars, Training, Conferences
  • School & Sporting Functions
  • Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, Retirements
  • Christmas Parties, Melbourne Cup celebrations & more!

Our catering menu offers hot and cold platters. We can customise our menu to suit your event and budget. Just speak to one of our friendly staff about your requirements.

You can read customer feedback on our catering at our Homepage.

Our catering platters and prices are shown below.

Fruit Platter

fruit catering platter

Freshly cut seasonal fruits. $4.50 per serving


biscuits catering platter

Variety of our own delicious biscuits, 2 pieces per serving. $3.50 per serving


sweet slices and cakes catering platter

Assorted slices: Lemon Coconut, Chocolate Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla. Banana, Carrot, Chocolate cakes, 3 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

scones catering platter

Light & Lovely Coconut Scones w- jam & cream, 2 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

Chocolate & Blueberry Mini Muffins Catering Platter

Chocolate & Blueberry Mini Muffins, 2 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving


Homemade Mini Pies: Beef & Guinness, Chicken Mornay, Beef & Green Peppercorn, Beef & Mushroom, 2 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

homemade mini pies and beef sausage rolls catering platter

Beef Sausage Rolls, 3 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

savoury slices and quiches catering platter

Quiches: Lorraine, Spinach & Ricotta, Chicken & Asparagus, 2 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

Greek Meatballs w- dipping sauce, 3 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

Savoury Scrolls Catering Platter

Savoury Scrolls, 2 pieces per serving. $4.50 per serving

Meals w/- Salad Platter

cold meats catering platter

Selection of cold meats & salad. $12.50 per serving

Beef Lasagnes

Beef Lasagne & salad. $14.50 per serving


Quiche: Lorraine, Spinach & Ricotta, Chicken & Asparagus, & salad. $10.50 per serving

Our salad choices are:

  • Garden
  • Greek
  • Caesar
Garden Salad Platter

Garden Salad

Greek Salad Platter

Greek Salad

Caesar Salad Platter

Caesar Salad


Choice of Leg Ham, Fresh Chicken Breast, Roast Beef, Pork or Lamb, Silverside, roasted veg w- Danish Fetta & Balsamic. Served w- fresh salads and condiments.

sandwiches wraps and rolls catering platter

Sandwiches/Crusty Rolls $8.00 per serving

Wraps $8.50 per serving


Dips Platter

Assorted dips served with a selection of crackers and freshly sliced vegetables. $6.00 per serving

Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter

Assorted Australian and imported cheeses with freshly sliced vegetables and crackers. $8.50 per serving


If your guests have any special dietary requirements, we’ll be happy to accommodate their needs (some examples are below), noting that some dietary requirements may incur an extra charge.


We provide a range of cold drinks as shown below.

Brands may vary depending on availability. In the event our regular product is unavailable, we will replace it with one of equivalent quality.


To order catering or make an enquiry, contact us by one of the ways listed on our Contact page.

delivery truck icon

We offer FREE delivery for orders of $100 or more within Townsville inner CBD. Orders below $100 will incur a $10 delivery fee if in Townsville inner CBD. Outside this area, our delivery fee is generally $25.

We look forward to discussing your catering needs.